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The VisiGuard fence by Sentry Safety Pool Fence is a removable mesh pool fence designed specifically for an easy homeowner installation to provide a barrier around residential swimming pools for toddlers, young children, and even pets. It comes in portable sections with poles pre-attached along with all the materials needed to easily construct your fence. The sections are either 12 feet long (for the 4’ tall) or 10 feet long (for the 5’ tall).

The VisiGuard fence offers both functionality and beauty, it is our "upgraded” DIY in-ground safety pool fence which acts as a barrier around residential swimming pools. VisiGuard poles have a half-inch of solid stainless steel rod, reinforced with PVC to enhance its overall stability/longevity as well as create smaller holes for a nicer installed appearance. It is available in four and five-foot heights and comes in a variety of colors for the UV border and poles. The top of the line all black mesh allows for more transparency, enabling the picturesque backyards to show through. This special mesh of interwoven fiberglass strands is designed with larger holes for maximum transparency while retaining the strength of the Classic and EZ-Guard mesh.

Product Information

Available Colors
The mesh is all black. Your pole/border color options are:
4 Foot Tall Black, Brown, Tan, Green, White and 5 Foot Tall Black, Brown, Tan, Green White

What's Included?
Sentry’s VisiGuard pool fence provides a full kit for your DIY installation:
  • Quick use template for a fast and accurate pole to pole measurements
  • Rustproof poles pre-assembled with the child safety fence mesh
  • EZ-Grip pole covers for protection and ease of removal
  • Rigid plastic ground sleeves to protect your poles and pool deck
  • Easy connecting stainless steel eye hook system
  • Easy entering and exiting
  • Installs with a hammer drill, not an industrial core drill
  • Seamless decking installation - holes are covered up by the poles
  • Caps to cover holes when the fence is not in use
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Images:
Stainless Steel Hook & Eye
Stainless Steel Hook & Eye
Sleeve Cap

What are the materials?
The child safety fence poles are completely rustproof. The outside layer is a durable baked-on TGIC powder coat finish aluminum, followed by a PVC insert spanning approximately halfway up the pole and finished with a stainless steel rod that goes in the ground. Where the pole meets the ground is the focal point for all child safety fence poles, meaning if force is exerted on the pole that point is where the force will have the most impact. In fact, the poles can withstand 200 lbs. of pressure. You can rest assured you have the toughest child safety fence around because at that ground point contains aluminum, PVC and a rod of solid stainless steel, making all three the strongest combination available. Sentry’s VisiGuard pole design also means smaller holes and less of a scar on the face of your pool deck.

Each child safety VisiGuard pool fence pole comes topped with an EZ-Grip rubber cap. Not only is it a durable top to protect the finish of your pole when the child safety pool fence is laid down but it also gives you an EZ gripping point to squeeze the poles together and release the tension so you can unhook your hook and eyes. Our child safety pool fencing has no finger or toe holes for climbing and is also UV resistant to withstand the beating sun. The top and bottom come with double-sided protection using the multi-stitching of the fencing material. This works to prevent any possible threading of the fence at its edges.

Further Details

  • A pole comes pre-attached to every three feet of fence purchased for the 4 foot high or      every two and a half feet for the 5-foot high fencing. Always end fencing with a pole.

  • Any section of the fence can be easily and quickly altered to fit a pool or intended area to      block off using a hex head screwdriver. You can add poles to make more changes in      direction (you can change fence direction at every pole).

  • To have pool fencing go upstairs: you will need two poles per every step, plastic ground      sleeves for the poles and spring-loaded hook & eyes to connect the poles.

  • To connect to two walls or barriers instead of a full circle around the fence, an extra hook      & eye is needed.

    About the Brand

    Sentry Safety Pool Fence is a brand that encompasses several pool fence product lines for both above ground and in-ground pools. Pool fencing is not just our specialization, but our mission. We've made our pool fencing solutions readily available to purchase by the public to help prevent drowning fatalities and submersion injuries. Our quality product line and dedication to child safety have made us the most widely sold DIY pool fence brand in the world! The following models offer diversity and choice, each safety pool fence offers something unique for the end user.

  • Manual: EZ Guard Visi Guard Manual
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