Sentry Safey Pool Fence

1.Are the pool fences adjustable?

Any section of the pool fence can be easily and quickly altered to fit a in-ground pool or intended area to block off using ahex head screwdriver. You can add poles to make a change at every pole. We have tech support available 7 days a week to help you every step of the way.

2.Does pool fence come along with all the materials required for installation?

The fence is complete but you will need a drill and guide. Drills and guides are available for new purchasers through our Website

3.What sizes are available for the sections?

The sections are either 12 feet long( for the 4' tall) or 10 feet long (for the 5' tall). Sections can be combined or shortened. Some of our retailers sell it by the foot.

4.Can it be installed by connecting 2 walls instead of creating a circle?

Yes, the pool fence can be installed to connect 2 walls. To connect to two walls an extra hook and eye is needed.

5.What size of hole is needed for the sleeve?

A 5/8" hole at a depth of 4' is needed for EZguard or VISlguard sleeves. It is best to mark your drill bit using electrical tape at 4" from the bottom of the bit.Classic guard requires a 1 1/4" hole.

6.How many sleeves and caps are included in a section?

Each section of pool fencing comes with 5 sleeves,and 5 sleeve caps,with 1 hook and eye set.

7.Does it include a pool gate?

We offer a variety of pool gates that complement our pool fence design. To place your order,please visit our website Here <->

8.What colors are available for the fences?

VisiGuard, the most visible fence on the market, is available in black,brown,tan,white and green; the mesh is always black. EZguard is available in black, brown, tan,and white. Classic guard is black and premium guard is white.

9.What tools are needed for the DIY pool fence installation?

The required tools include a hammer drill, drill guide,masonry drill bit,screwdriver,standard drill,1/16th drill bit,pliers,hammer,tape measure,box cutter and a stapler.

10.Is this sturdy enough to hold the wind load?

Certainly. The pool fences are designed to maintain their stability under varying weather conditions and "attacks"from younger children.

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