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Sentry Safety Pool Fence is the premiere brand for in ground and above ground pool fencing. Our quality product line and dedication to child safety has made us the most widely sold DIY pool fence brand in the world!

Sentry Safety is a life saving product line of pool fencing solutions. We are truly dedicated to the needs of our customers specializing exclusively in the field of pool fences for homeowners, communities, recreation centers and tourist destinations. We don't offer gadgets, cleaners, chemicals etc., just a safety centric product line that provides peace of mind for the end user.

It is our goal to assist families and communities with their outdoor child safety needs. The threat of death by accidental drowning can drastically be reduced when pool fences are properly installed and used. Because of this important and necessary goal we carefully inspect each product for optimal quality and only incorporate the sturdiest materials into our line. The Sentry Safety Pool Fence whether in ground and above ground pool is design to withstand years of use and many summer seasons of dependable security!

Toddlers, children, neighborhood kids and even pets will benefit from the drowning deterrence offered by the Sentry Safety Pool Fence line.

NOTICE:Our pool fence has been designed for personal home use only. Not suitable for commercial applications.
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